A multi stage, sector agnostic investment house set up by a founding team with a successful track record and a history of working together across funds and business cycles. Roots ventures is where our multi-decade investing experience and relationships converge to be the “roots” in an entrepreneur’s quest to build stable and sustainable business.


Investor First


Be the most preferred conduit for investors - both Indian and overseas - seeking exposure to India and Indian entrepreneurs

Investment Ethos


Take the Path Less Travelled

We stay away from the crowd and avoid the glamour of investing in the “go-go” sectors, without succumbing to FOMO. We believe the best opportunities are available where no one is looking.

People Matter

As a team we have first and foremost relied on this mantra. Educational degrees don’t make us starry-eyed, there is no “right age” of our founders, nor does the “tyranny of distance” prevent us from backing the “right” founders. We encourage diversity in all its forms.



Fund I – Roots Ventures – I

A Category II SEBI registered AIF and a maiden offering from Roots Ventures. It is a multi-stage, sector agnostic fund designed to effectively benefit from the India growth story. The fund will invest across the life cycle of a company i.e. from early stage to listed. Allows the investor to take exposure to high growth early stage investments without the commensurate risks that come with pure early stage portfolios.